TrinityLearning began as an outreach of one church but has grown to a team of around 70 volunteers from 12 churches and eight denominations.  The team regularly liaise with other statutory and voluntary agencies in the area to ensure as many needs as possible are met and now offer advice to other community organisations across the country, from a group wanting to offer cooking sessions in primary schools to basic mental health awareness training.

Location: Abingdon

Mental health is an increasing problem for society, yet full school curriculums and heavily assessed learning leave little opportunity for staff and students to learn coping skills. TrinityLearning has been helping school communities in Abingdon to improve their quality of life since 2009.  In that time, they have worked with 22 primary schools, three secondaries and the local Special School, offering a combination of practical help for busy staff and educational interventions to help student confidence and emotional literacy.

TrinityLearning’s work helps far more than school staff and pupils. Parents remark on the impact we have had on their family-life, while volunteers learn stilling techniques alongside the children. Many of our volunteers are elderly and are delighted to find they are still able to help, while community groups are delighted to become the subject of our community newsletters. Recently we have been working to link school classes with groups for the elderly, such that they share in learning experiences on a regular basis, to the benefit of all involved.

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