The ROOTS project began in September 2017, to support young adult carers (YACs) to stay engaged with or re-enter education or employment.  The project tailors their approach to the client’s needs and works alongside education and employment professionals to ensure they are able to identify and support young adult carers at the earliest opportunity.

Location: Bridgend, Wales

Since the beginning of the project in September 2017 the ROOTs Project have worked with all nine comprehensive schools in Bridgend along with 12 primary schools, supporting young carers and schools, educating children, young people and staff about the role of a young carer and what additional support is available to them. 

The project also provides training for staff and support schools to identify young carers champions and runs a young adult carers monthly group to give young adult carers the life skills they need to succeed.  The ROOTS Project also worked with 10 young carers aged 9 – 23 to write a book that can be used in primary schools to help young children. The book, ‘The Bear Who Struggled to Care’ was launched in May 2018 and has so far sold 111 copies in Wales, England, Scotland and Germany. 

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