The Grange Centre is a charity and social enterprise for people with disabilities providing services supporting people with learning disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Location: Leatherhead, Surrey

The Grange Centre has benefited from a partnership with property company, Stonegate Homes who first supported the charity by gifting 10 places, for residents at The Grange, at the Winter Wonderwheels – a fundraising challenge event.

For the last two years, The Grange has been a beneficiary of funds raised at the inaugural ball in 2018 and this year, 2019, organised to celebrate the launch of The Stonegate Foundation. On both occasions, The Grange service users created table pieces for the both balls resulting, in eye-catching painted cockerels and mini-houses, which were bought by the guests.

So far, the Stonegate Foundation Trustees have raised over £35,000 for The Grange.

The partnership has had a positive and significant impact on The Grange and thanks the donation, are in the early stages of planning an overhaul of the horticulture department, offering more opportunities for people with disabilities. The funding will kick-start a fundraising campaign to create a new building with more teaching areas, a dedicated on-site shop and a pottery studio, that will also enable people from the wider community to also benefit from the use the facilities.

Marion Chow, Fundraising & PR Co-Ordinator at The Grange, said:

Each day, The Grange strives to provide every available opportunity to the disabled adults we support, enabling them to live independent and fulfilling lives. The relationship with Stonegate Homes has not only engaged our artists in projects which have showcased their talent and individual creativity, but thanks to this treasured partnership, The Grange has connected to a wider audience and welcomed links with other charities, businesses and organisations. Our talented staff and volunteers enable the people we support to flourish and for The Grange to be recognised as a Groundwork Community Award finalist is a huge honour and very humbling. We are so incredibly proud and thankful to be acknowledged alongside such amazing organisations.