This award recognises the vital role that community groups play in helping people into work or through creating employment.

About the Best contribution to education or employment award

We know that the quality of life in our local communities is intrinsically linked to the level of skills and the number of people able to access good, rewarding work.  Many community projects aim to prepare people for the world of work or to create jobs through the development of community businesses.

Featured project

Find out about 2018 winner, Gloverspiece Minifarm, and the huge difference they made to the life of Hope, one of their pupils.

Shortlisted projects 2019

The Family Trust (Winner)

The Family Trust is a Kent-based Christian children and young people’s charity. In 2018 they engaged with over 50,000 children through activities and initiatives. They are inclusive of all those with faith and those with none.

Endeavour Woodcrafts CIC

Endeavour Woodcrafts CIC is a day service for adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues that provides training and education in woodwork and crafts.

Oakwell Rise Primary Academy

Oakwell Rise Primary Academy works in strong partnership with the community to develop the education, provision and opportunities available to pupils, parents/carers, families and the wider community.

Shortlisted projects 2018

Gloverspiece Minifarm (Winner)

Gloverspiece Minifarm is an established Community Care Farm that rescues and rehabilitates animals as therapy for adults with learning difficulties.  In September 2017, the Minifarm opened a school to respond to local needs for primary special education needs.

Trinity Learning

TrinityLearning began as an outreach of one church but has grown to a team of around 70 volunteers from 12 churches and eight denominations.  The team regularly liaise with other statutory and voluntary agencies in the area to ensure as many needs as possible are met and now offer advice to other community organisations across the country, from a group wanting to offer cooking sessions in primary schools to basic mental health awareness training.

The ROOTS Project

The ROOTS project began in September 2017, to support young adult carers (YACs) to stay engaged with or re-enter education or employment.  The project tailors their approach to the client’s needs and works alongside education and employment professionals to ensure they are able to identify and support young adult carers at the earliest opportunity.