Mima Letts is the Founder and Director of Tree Sparks, a social enterprise on a mission to dispel the myths surrounding forestry and help grow the next generation of forestry and environmental leaders.

Location: March, Cambridgeshire

Through Mima’s work with Tree Sparks, she has been able to help raise the profile of both the forestry profession and help to support and show the good work that young people can do.

Mima has become an inspirational female role model in what is a largely male-dominated ageing industry and led a social media campaign for International Women’s Day to highlight the upcoming female talent in forestry, conducting interviews with over 8 female foresters from the UK, Italy and Madagascar, creating blogs and social media content, reaching over 41,000 people across 18 countries in just a week.

As a result of Mima’s dedication to helping current students studying forestry, Tree Sparks has become a predominantly student led social enterprise. Mima has created several roles just for students and provides flexible volunteer roles for students.

Mima Letts, Founder and Director of Tree Sparks, said:

I feel very honoured to have been nominated for a Groundwork Young Leader Community Award for my work within the forestry profession. I founded Tree Sparks as a way to demonstrate to other young people that careers in forestry are viable and hugely rewarding, but the response I have received has been immense – Tree Sparks is not only helping to dispel the myths surrounding forestry but is also living proof of the impact students and young people can make when working towards a cause they feel passionately for. As someone at the beginning of their career and entrepreneurial journey, I hope I can continue to make positive change happen, represent and speak up for youth and show the world what forestry is all about.