Sandringham Park was plagued by anti-social behaviour, resulting in families avoiding the area. There was evidence of drug taking and alcohol use and items such as asbestos pipes and aerosol cans littering the park. Graffiti covered the children’s play area and dog waste was left in the field area. Kazia and the Friends of Sandringham Park decided to do something about it.

Location: Wetherby, Leeds

Friends of Sandringham Park were formed in December 2010 and Kazia became the group’s Chairperson. She organised skips and volunteers to clean up the park and started working with the residents and the local youth. Kazia felt that organising an event in the park for everyone would help to inspire a greater sense of community cohesion and as the group went from strength to strength, antisocial behaviour slowly started to reduce. The group has subsequently held 12 events and gained 6 Green Flag Awards, a Silver and Silver Gilt in the Yorkshire in Bloom awards.

Kazia has enabled her community to be strong again and have a real pride in its town. By helping residents to take back their park, she has helped to create a much needed cohesive community identity. Kazia is much respected in Wetherby and the surrounding area for what she has achieved in leading Friends of Sandringham to reduce anti-social behaviour and bring her community together.