Harry Deacon, 23 is the co-founder of Cultivate Cornwall CIC, an initiative that supports the development of community groups across Cornwall.

Location: Falmouth, Cornwall

During his time at university, Harry co-founded Cultivate Cornwall CIC and has since gone on to deliver a range of community lead projects across the Cornish community.

Throughout the development of Cultivate Cornwall, Harry has maintained the grassroots community led approach and as a result, the project helps to bring hundreds of people from different generations across the wider community together to build connections, share and learn new skills and drive sociability.

Harry has influenced enormous changes and has helped businesses become more environmentally and socially responsible as well as building partnerships with both local and international businesses to ensure the continued growth of Cultivate Cornwall.

He has been active in sharing his learning recently provided mentoring to six young people; helping them to register, set up and grow a community project, mentoring many more in growing and sustaining existing community ventures.

Harry has embraced his entrepreneurial talents to support the community on both an environmental and social level, creating positive change and legacy for local people.

My excitement is growing and I am very much looking forward to the ceremony, seeing those from previous years again and meeting a many new faces. It’s a great feeling to think that my work has inspired others and that I have been able to support numerous young people in realising their vision and aspirations