Gloverspiece Minifarm is an established Community Care Farm that rescues and rehabilitates animals as therapy for adults with learning difficulties.  In September 2017, the Minifarm opened a school to respond to local needs for primary special education needs.

Location: Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire

The minifarm and school are run on the ethos that nature, animals and gardening are at the heart of a happy life and have immense power to heal, to nurture and to unlock potential. Everybody gets time on the farm, which surrounds the classroom and is the centre of everything.  A community garden was also created and now doubles as a playground garden to enable sensory and food growing activities, as well as bug hunts and conservation.

Many of the staff in the school and on the farm started as volunteers or learners themselves.  The school is committed to enabling and empowering our learners and staff to achieve their goals, with a full programme of support and continuous professional development.  The school’s founder, Lynne Duffy, volunteers as CEO and head teacher – recently winning ‘Head Teacher of The Year’ in the Worcestershire Education Awards, and Volunteer of the Year in the Wonderful Worcestershire Awards.

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