The Oasis Community Centre & Gardens opened seven years ago with the aim of becoming the hub of community life in an area which had lost its identity as a result of a lack of facilities on the estate and surrounding area. The Oasis is now a thriving community hub with projects for all ages, needs and interests with several community enterprises and major projects attracting attention and praise in lots of ways.

Location: Worksop, Nottinghamshire

The Oasis Community Centre now has over 30 different projects for people of all ages, interests and needs from babies through to elderly, over 10 major events for the community each year, established three Community Enterprises, adult Educational courses, Oasis ‘Night of Honour’ event celebrating local unsung heroes and the ‘Tomorrow People’ awards for Youth volunteers.

The Oasis continues to add many new additional projects, activities, events and enterprises to the project, which is providing the estate with so many new things, increasing community stability, reducing isolation, creating opportunities for all restoring community pride.  It has also enabled many other organisations to work in the heart of the community by using the centre for their work. 

The Oasis Community Gardens have won several awards and now have more than 30 different areas of interest and work bringing an Oasis of nature and green space into the heart of a grey community. The gardens are packed with beautiful trees, plants, seasonal flowers and features providing a place for people to come together and enjoy, learn about gardening and nature conservation and create memories.  It has truly become and OASIS of life in every way.