Endeavour Woodcrafts CIC is a day service for adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues that provides training and education in woodwork and crafts.

Location: Ferryhill, County Durham

The group offers day service to adults in the County Durham area, providing training in woodwork and painting in a real manufacturing environment by designing, creating and selling handmade quality wooden items. Individuals are involved in all aspects of the manufacturing and selling process, learning new skills and also developing life and social skills.

Endeavour Woodcrafts runs on the principles of co-operative working and promotes equality, inclusion, the right to have a say, speaking up, sharing skills and ideas and ensures that all members are valued and feel part of a team.

The group is made up of both staff and volunteers who work to ensure that everyone is welcome to a safe, inviting environment that allows people to thrive and gain confidence all while learning new skills and making new friends.

Louise Killip, Day Service Manager, said:

Endeavour Woodcrafts CIC, are overjoyed to be named as a Groundwork Community Award finalist. We all work extremely hard to deliver a positive learning journey for our members, supporting each individual to achieve to their potential and make a real difference in their lives. Thank you for recognising our project.