Where are they now? Groundwork Community awards Finalist 2018 – Thatto Heath Crusaders

Thatto Heath Crusaders is an amateur rugby league club situated in St Helens.  Originally founded in 1981 the club has gone from strength to strength both on and off the field since being founded. Having a large social and intergenerational impact within a local community characterised by low employment and poverty.  

The club and its volunteers offer a wide range of activities to tackle these issues including all age Rugby, Pensioners Luncheon Club, Charity Family Fun Days job clubs, youth training programmes.  It has also runs an ‘aspire programme’ – a scholarship for young players who miss approaches from professional clubs. In order to raise their aspirations through a variety of activities and prepare them for the world of work. 

In the last year, Thatto Heath Crusaders led by Councillor McCauley have formally signed the Armed Forces Covenant and are launching this with a big charity where all of the community can be involved.

The club are in the midst of training the whole community for suicide prevention as St Helens has one of the highest rates of male suicide. They are also developing courses for children who are no longer able to attend school and supporting them to engage with the community and activities.

Their rugby team currently consists of 500 plays from all genders and ages. They have had a great year with their teams taking them far in many competitions.

On top of all of the amazing work they have been doing, they have also daily and weekly nip and tucks to keep their community beautiful, such as litter picks, filling in pot holes, and clearing fly tipping. Which is making a huge difference for the morale of the community.

The Thatto Crusaders are a shining example of what beauty can come from community Groups and why we think that is most definitely worth celebrating.